Wolfowl Logo

The Wolfpack Logo

Wolfpack is a theme centered around Wolf-Owls, specifically their army. It is unique in that it has three types of sets. There are battle sets, which have members of both armies, as well as at least one bystander. There are also scenery sets, which just have scenery whitout minifigures, and battle packs which are just members of one army.

The first wave will be realeased in June, 2013


This theme will have a fair number of minifigures, which are:

IIdo Striker

Blue Wolfpack

TBA Red Wolfpack Leader

Red Wolfpack

TBA Arctic Wolfpack Leader

Artic Wolfpack


Zurg Batflock

Red Batflock

White Batflock

Blue Batflock


This theme will include fifteen sets, which are:

Goatherd House (Scenery)

City Street (Scenery)

Wolfpack HQ (Scenery)

Wolf-Owl's house (Scenery)

Arctic Wolfpack Vs. Blue Batflock

Blue Wolfpack Vs. Red Batflock

Red Wolfpack Vs. Zurg Batflock

Timber Wolfpack Vs. White Batflock

Batflock Battle Pack

Wolfpack Battle Pack

Arctic Wolfpack Battle Pack

Blue Wolfpack Battle Pack

Red Wolfpack Battle Pack

Timber Wolfpack Battle Pack

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