Steinerei (Stonery) is the name of a German filmfestival for Brickfilms, open for all kind of Brickfilms around the world. The first time it took place was on May 28th, 2005 in Gießen, Germany. There is a prize for the best film voted by a jury and one prize voted by audience. Both winners get a red brick. A brick in this way is the heavy thing for building houses, so you may be happy if you don't win either prizes.

Films shown at the festival Edit

2005 Edit

These films were shown on May 28th, 2005 in Gießen, Germany:

See also: Wettbewerbsbeiträge 2005 at

2006 Edit

The leading theme was fairy tales. These films were shown on May 13th, 2006 in Hannover, Germany:

See also: Wettbewerbsbeiträge 2006 at

2007 Edit

These films were shown on May 19th, 2007 in Hanover, Germany:

(following films are out of jury voting)

See also: Wettbewerbsbeiträge 2007


These films were shown on July 12th, 2008:

Website Edit

  • Homepage of Steinerei. Past films can be found here and you can download or get a link to the films. The site is in german.

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