Lego Resident EvilEdit

Lego Resident Evil is a made up series.


Irving's Boat Battle

Wesker's Lava battle

Bitores Mendez's Fight

El Gigante's Wrath

Jack Krauser's Arm fight

Alexia Ashford's Transformations

J'avo's Epic Fights

Sea Creeper's Underwater fight

Saddler's Main Duel

Willam Birkin's Transformations

U3's Crate battle

Salazar's Queen Plaga Fight

Scagdead's Room Battle

Garrador's Blade Duel

Regenarador's Unexpected Battle

Iron Maiden's Spike Duel

Del Lago's Water fight And

Verdugo's Chain Fight.


Leon Kennedy

Claire Redfield

Ashley Graham

Osmund Saddler (monster form to)

Del Lago

Chris Redfield

Sheva Alomar

Ramon Salazar (monster form to)


Iron Maiden

Ricardo Irving (monster form to)

Del Lago

Willam Birkin (monster forms to)

Alexia Ashford (monster forms to)

Albert Wesker (monster form to)

Jack Krauser (monster form to)

El Gigante

Bitores Mendez




Sea Creeper

U3 And


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