8962 The Avengers






Iron Man, Thor, Loki, Alien Soldier, Alien Pilot

8962 The Avengers is a set that will be released in summer 2012 from The Avengers line, and is the main set for the theme. It contains 847 pieces and includes 5 minifigures.

The set is a spaceship driven by the Aliens including this set, Iron Man's armor holder, and a part of "The Stark Tower".

Armor HolderEdit

The armor holder is seven cranes, where the crane on the top, in the middle, can carry Iron Man's helmet on and off.

The Alien SpaceshipEdit

The alien spaceship is maybe the part in the set that includes most pieces.

You can open it's cockpit, fire the flickmissiles and take out the craft!

Stark TowerEdit

The Stark Tower is where you can put in the Armor Holder. This is also a big part of the set.

Lego aveng

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